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KendiShabbat Service Saturday 12-31-22Shabbat Service Friday 12-30-22Shabbat Service Saturday 12-24-22Shabbat Service Friday 12-23-22Megillah Reading 2023Shabbat Service Friday 12-16-22Shabbat Service Saturday 12-17-22Shabbat Service Saturday 12-10-22Daily Sunset Service: Chanukah Night 8Daily Sunset Service: Chanukah Night 5Daily Sunset Service: Chanukah Night 4Daily Sunset Service: Chanukah Night 3Daily Sunset Service: Chanukah Night 2Daily Sunset Service: Chanukah Night 1Shabbat Service 1-13-23Shabbat Service Saturday 12-3-22Shabbat Service Friday 12-2-22Shabbat Service Saturday 11-26-22Shabbat Service Friday 11-25-22Shabbat Service Saturday 11-19-22Thanksgiving ServiceShabbat Service Saturday 11-12-22Shabbat Service Saturday 11-5-22Shabbat Service Friday 11-4-22Shabbat Service Saturday 10-29-22Shabbat Service Friday 10-28-22Shabbat Service Friday 11-11-22Shabbat Service Saturdays 10-22-22Shabbat Service Saturdays 10-15-22SUKKOT MORNING SERVICE SERMON BY RABBI AMY EHRLICH 5783EREV SUKKOT FAMILY WORSHIP SERVICE SERMON BY IRA J. WISE 5783Shabbat Service Saturdays 10-8-22Shabbat Service Fridays 10-7-22YOM KIPPUR MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE SERMON BY RABBI REINES 5783YOM KIPPUR MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE SERMON BY RABBI SAPADIN 5783EREV YOM KIPPUR SERMON BY RABBI DAVIDSON 5783YOM KIPPUR YIZKOR SERMON BY RABBI EHRLICH 5783Shabbat Service Friday 10-14-22 Ira J. Wise InstallationYOM KIPPUR FAMILY SERVICE 5783 (LOWENSTEIN)YOM KIPPUR TEEN SERVICE 5783 (LOWENSTEIN)Shabbat Service Saturday 10-1-22Shabbat Service Friday 9-30-22Shabbat Service Saturday 9-24-22Shabbat Service Friday 9-23-22Sh’mini Atzeret/Simchat Torah 5783 – Religious School Consecration ServiceSh’mini Atzeret/Simchat Torah 5783 – Morning ServiceSHABBAT AND SH’MINI ATZERET/SIMCHAT TORAH 5784 – EVENING SERVICESukkot Morning Service 5783Sukkot Evening Service 5783ROSH HASHANAH SERMON BY RABBI KAHN 5783ROSH HASHANAH SERMON BY RABBI EHRLICH 5783ROSH HASHANAH SERMON BY RABBI DAVIDSON 5783Shabbat Service Saturdays 9-17-22Shabbat Service Fridays 9-16-22Study Session: Dr. Joel HoffmanStudy Session: Warren KleinStudy Session: Rabbi Lawrence A. HoffmanShabbat Service Saturdays 9-10-22Shabbat Service Fridays 9-9-22Shabbat Service Saturdays 9-3-22Shabbat Service Fridays 9-2-22SELICHOT SERVICE 5783YOM KIPPUR CONCLUDING SERVICE AND YIZKOR 5783YOM KIPPUR AVODAH 5783YOM KIPPUR TEEN SERVICE 5784YOM KIPPUR MORNING SERVICE 5783YOM KIPPUR KOL NIDREI 5783YOM KIPPUR SHIR CHADASH SERVICE 5783ROSH HASHANAH FAMILY SERVICE 5783ROSH HASHANAH TEEN SERVICE 5783ROSH HASHANAH SPEAKER 5783 – Ambassador Asaf ZamirROSH HASHANAH 5783 MORNING SERVICEROSH HASHANAH SHIR CHADASH 5783Shabbat Service Saturdays 8-27-22Shabbat Service Fridays 8-26-22EREV ROSH HASHANAH SERVICE 5783Shabbat Service Saturdays 8-20-22Shabbat Service Fridays 8-19-22Shabbat Service Saturdays 8-13-22Shabbat Service Fridays 8-12-22Shabbat Service Saturdays 8-6-22Shabbat Service Fridays 8-5-22Shabbat Service Friday 12-9-22 Rabbi Sarah Reines InstallationShabbat Service Friday 11-18-22 Cantor Sara Anderson InstallationShabbat Service Saturdays 7-30-22Shabbat Service Fridays 7-29-22Shabbat Service Saturdays 7-23-22Shabbat Service Fridays 7-22-22Shabbat Service Saturdays 7-16-22Shabbat Service Fridays 7-15-22Shabbat Service Saturdays 7-9-22Shabbat Service Fridays 7-8-22Shabbat Service Saturdays 7-2-22Shabbat Service Fridays 7-1-22Shabbat Service Saturdays 6-25-22Shabbat Service Saturdays 6-18-22Shabbat Service Saturdays 6-11-22Shabbat Service Fridays 6-10-22Shabbat Service 6-4-22Pride ShabbatShabbat Service Fridays 6-3-22Shabbat Service 5-28-22Shabbat Service Fridays 5-27-22Shabbat Service 5-14-22Shabbat Service 5-7-22Daily Sunset Service 5/5/22Shabbat Service 4-30-22Shabbat Service 4-23-22Shabbat Service Fridays 4-22-22Shabbat Service 4-9-22Shabbat Service Fridays 4-8-22Gather ShabbatShabbat Service Fridays 4-1-22Shabbat Service 3-26-22Shabbat Service 3-25-22VIRTUAL SECOND SEDERShabbat Service 3-18-22Shabbat Service 5-21-22MORNING OF SHAVUOT AND YIZKOR MEMORIAL SERVICEEVE OF SHAVUOT AND CONFIRMATION SERVICEShabbat Service 4-2-22Shabbat Service 3-19-22Shabbat Service 3-12-22Shabbat Service 3-5-22Shabbat Service 3-11-22Shabbat Service 2-26-22Shabbat Service 2-25-22PASSOVER EVENING SERVICE 2PASSOVER MORNING SERVICE 2VIRTUAL CONGREGATIONAL SEDERShabbat Eve of Passover Service 1PASSOVER MORNING SERVICE 1Shabbat Service 2-19-22Shabbat Service 2-18-22Shabbat Service 2-12-22Shabbat Service 2-5-22Shabbat Service 2-4-22Shabbat Kodesh 5-20-22Shabbat Kodesh 4-29-22Shabbat Kodesh 3-4-22Shabbat Service 1-22-22Shabbat Service 1-15-22Friday Night Juneteenth Services with Special Guest Thomas Chatterton Williams: The Summer of George FloydShabbat Service 1-8-22Shabbat Service 1-7-22Reproductive Rights Shabbat 1/29/22Shabbat Service 1-1-22Shabbat Service 12-31-21Shabbat Kodesh 1-28-22Shabbat Service 12-25-21Shabbat Service 12-24-21Shabbat Service 12-18-21Shabbat Service 12-17-21Shabbat Service 12-11-21Shabbat Service 12-10-21Shabbat Service 12-4-21Shabbat Service 1-14-22Shabbat Service 5-6-22Shabbat Service 2-11-22Shabbat Service 11-27-21Shabbat Service 11-26-21Shabbat KodeshShabbat Service 12-3-21Shabbat Service 11-12-21Shabbat Service 11-5-21Shabbat Service 10-29-21Shabbat Service 10-23-21Shabbat Service 10-22-21Shabbat Service 10-16-21Shabbat Service 10-15-21Shabbat Service 10-9-21Shabbat Service 10-8-21Shabbat Service 9-24-21Shabbat Service 9/25/21Shabbat Service 10-2-21Shabbat Service 10-1-21YOM KIPPUR SERMON BY RABBI KAHN 5782YOM KIPPUR SERMON BY RABBI SAPADIN 5782YOM KIPPUR SERMON BY RABBI EHRLICH 5782Sh’mini Atzeret/Simchat Torah – Morning ServiceSh’mini Atzeret ServiceSukkot Morning ServiceSukkot Evening ServiceShabbat Friday Sept 17 2021YOM KIPPUR SERMON BY RABBI DAVIDSON 5782B’nei MitzvahShabbat Service Saturday September 11ROSH HASHANAH SERMON BY RABBI SAPADIN 5782ROSH HASHANAH SERMON BY RABBI KAHN 5782ROSH HASHANAH SERMON BY RABBI EHRLICH 5782ROSH HASHANAH SERMON BY RABBI DAVIDSON 5782Shabbat Friday Sept 10 2021Study Session: Warren KleinStudy Session: Ambassador Ido Aharoni AronoffROSH HASHANAH YOUNG FAMILIESYOM KIPPUR YOUNG FAMILIESShabbat Service SaturdaysYOM KIPPUR KOL NIDREI 2ROSH HASHANAH MORNING SERVICE 2YOM KIPPUR AVODAHYOM KIPPUR CONCLUDING SERVICE AND YIZKORYOM KIPPUR MORNING SUMMERSTAGEROSH HASHANAH CONSULShabbat Service and Concert: Violins of HopeShabbat Saturday August 14 2021Shabbat Friday August 27 2021Daily Sunset ServiceShabbat Saturday August 28 2021TASHLICH 5781ROSH HASHANAH TEEN SERVICEShabbat Service FridaysROSH HASHANAH SERMON BY RABBI DAVIDSON 5781ROSH HASHANAH SERMON BY RABBI EHRLICH 5781YOM KIPPUR SERMON BY RABBI KAHN 5781YOM KIPPUR SERMON BY RABBI SAPADIN 5781YOM KIPPUR SERMON BY RABBI EHRLICH 5781YOM KIPPUR AFTERNOON SERVICEYOM KIPPUR TEEN SERVICEYOM KIPPUR FAMILY SERVICEYOM KIPPUR MORNING SERVICEYOM KIPPUR KOL NIDREI 1YOM KIPPUR SHIR CHADASHSELICHOT SERVICETASHLICH 2021ROSH HASHANAH FAMILY SERVICE 5782ROSH HASHANAH MORNING SERVICE 1ROSH HASHANAH SHIR CHADASHYOM KIPPUR SERMON BY RABBI DAVIDSON 5781EREV ROSH HASHANAH SERVICE 5782